Long and Big!

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Big And Busty!

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Big and Tasty!

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Big Japanese Mommas!

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Big and Busty J-Girls

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Big J-Girls

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Young Mother Nursing a Man Baby

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Fine Pubes of the Jukujo

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The Soul of Japan

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Ms. Wakayama!

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This is the second time this year I went downtown for some wet nursing. This is partly to get a taste of Japan from a totally different perspective, and to help broaden my understanding of the most important person in Japan – the Japanese mom. There’s just nothing like going under the drip, and enjoying some Japanese momma lovin’

This time around, I did a bit of extra searching around for another delectable mother, and this time I hit the jackpot; but then, that’s what I said about all the rest of them. I am tempted to use her real name, but I feel her picture would suffice.


So, I’m a J-momma’s boy with a chest and leg fetish, including the bonyu? What separates me from all the rest of the freaks? It’s that, I am shameless in my love for the Japanese mother and will shout it from the rafters and make myself a fool over it. I wrote the book on biology, not you. Prude.

Bonyu is a sort of milk play where gorgeous Japanese ladies feed you breast milk from their nipples. If you wish, you can also latch on with your mouth, or have her feed you manually. Either way is wonderful, and is also another beautiful aspect of the J-momma’s mystique, that even most Japanese men are too ashamed to admit to


What brought me back into this play was this lady’s description. She is 27; fair skinned; enormous breast, like out of a manga; amazing snap back and hips; tree trunk thighs, and lastly beautiful skin and very beautiful. On the way to the room she was lecturing me about her hometown in Wakayama Prefecture, and especially about the priest Kobo Daishi, the founder of Shingon Buddhism, and about the legacy of Tokugawa. It was nice chatting it up with someone so intelligent and beautiful, and who was about to be my milk momma. What contrast.

Strange thing, I was sitting outside at a park awaiting our meet up. I was thumbing away at my iPhone and not paying any attention really. I mean, I looked around glancing at everybody walking past me. There were so many women of all various ages. Everybody looked normal. I saw a few women pushing strollers, and then I saw her walking towards me from a far! She was pushing her baby in a very expensive looking stroller and she was dressed very well from head to toe. Flawless make-up. I knew it was her instantly, like she stepped out of my dream. I remember on the bed Stevie Wonder was coming through the speakers, and for the life of me I couldn’t recall the name of that song, but it flowed through the speakers and created this ambiance that was very intimate.

I had one large J cup breast in my mouth and the other in my right hand. Whenever milk flowed out of one, she would moan and embrace me tighter. This is the mother of all samurai; this is the beauty of Japan; this is where life begins, were the sorts of thoughts that were going through my mind as I was there suckling away at these huge mammoth breast. As I embraced her buttocks and big hips, she pulled me closer. The milk was sweet and rich tasting, and she smelled like fresh clean soap. I notice the small details; both nipples were pink and round. She had some amazing thighs, too, did I just mention that?

I was drinking Japan. The Soul of Japan.

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